Music Monday – Lost Woods

It’s no secret that I love forest themes, from the many pokémon forest themes I’ve included in Music Mondays and Deltarune’s Scarlet Forest theme. Today I wanted to focus on the Lost Woods and forest themes in The Legend of Zelda.

Ocarina of Time

I put Ocarina of Time first because this is probably the one you think of when you think of the Lost Woods, or Saria’s Song. This track is so upbeat, I hardly feel concerned about getting lost.

A Link to the Past

If you didn’t think of Ocarina of Time’s lost woods, you probably thought of this one (or maybe Breath of the Wild’s).

A Link Between Worlds

A Link Between Worlds gives us nice orchestrations of all of A Link to the Past’s music, including this one.

Oracle of Seasons

I haven’t completed the Oracle games yet, but I looked up the Lost Woods for Oracle of Seasons and I think this track is great.

The Wind Waker

While this track doesn’t play in a lost woods, it does play in the Forest Haven in keeping with the theme, and Saria’s Song plays around 50 seconds in. It’s also a remix of the Kokiri Forest theme.

Spirit Tracks

I’ve said it once (many times), and I’ll say it again: Spirit Tracks has an underrated soundtrack. This is one of those great atmospheric tracks and I love it for the Lost Woods.

Breath of the Wild

Two really nice atmospheric tracks in a row! I think this tracks encapsulates exactly how I would feel lost in the woods.

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening, happy Monday!

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