Favorite Electric Type Pokémon

Happy Pokémon Day! Greninja has just been announced as Pokémon of the Year! Greninja and a few of the top 10 pokémon voted for made it to my list of favorite pokémon as well. Plus, a new mythical dark/grass pokémon, darude has been announced. Now it’s time to continue with my favorite electric types.

Gen 1 – Kanto – Pikachu

The most famous pokémon of all time and my first pokémon ever, of course I chose pikachu as my favorite gen 1 electric type.

Gen 2 – Johto – Pichu

It’s the perfectly adorable baby version of pikachu. Not super useful in battle, but pichu’s the kind of pokémon I’d just wanna hang out with at home.

Gen 3 – Hoenn – Manectric

Manectric is a cool little electric doggo. And it’s got that good speed and special attack that I love to have on my team.

Gen 4 – Sinnoh – Shinx

Shinx is an incredibly popular pokémon and a lot of people were upset it wasn’t included in Sword and Shield. But with the DLC coming out, that could change.

Gen 5 – Unova – Zebstrika

It’s a zebra, which is horse-adjacent, so of course I had to choose it as my favorite electric type. Zebstrika also reminds me of one of my favorite Animal Crossing villagers, Savannah.

Gen 6 – Kalos – Helioptile

This is one of those pokémon I just think is real cute. I mean…those eyes! Those ears!

Gen 7 – Alola – Vikavolt

Wow, I’m realizing I really like the blue/yellow electric type design. I actually don’t think I have vikavolt yet in Ultra Sun, but charjabug is on my team, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting back into the game and evolving it.

Gen 8 – Galar – Boltund

When I saw yamper, I thought it was cute but I didn’t think it would stay on my team. And then it evolved into boltund, and I had to keep it. Boltund was a great addition to my team in Pokémon Shield.

What are your favorite electric types?

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