Favorite Grass Type Pokémon

The last of the starter types, grass is one I choose surprisingly often. There’s something so charming about many of the grass types, and while I prefer when they have a secondary type to get rid of some of their weaknesses, grass types always have a place on my team.

Gen 1 – Kanto – Bulbasaur

All the gen 1 starters are perfect, and bulbasaur is no exception. I’d really love to see a regional variant where bulbasaur grows a different flower on top of it (although I can’t see any of the starters getting a regional variant).

Gen 2 – Johto – Chikorita

Despite the hate chikorita gets, it will always have a huge place in my heart. I can’t think of playing through gen 2 without chikorita. I love its evolutions too. I know pokémon follow you in HeartGold, but I’d still like to see a Let’s Go style remake just so I can have chikorita hanging out with me.

Gen 3 – Hoenn – Treecko

If a Let’s Go Hoenn game allowed me to play with all three starters on my team, Pokémon Yellow style, I would absolutely do it. I mean, sure I could trade for them, but I really love the idea of being gifted each in one game (Pokémon Yellow really spoiled me). Maybe I should abandon this idea of only using 6 pokémon on a team and start training extras so I can switch out pokémon and have a variety of teams.

Gen 4 – Sinnoh – Leafeon

It’s hard for me to not pick the eeveelution when there is one. I’ve always felt like leafeon and glaceon were kind of ignored in comparison to the other evolutions. So I’m giving it a nice little spotlight here.

Gen 5 – Unova – Snivy

This guy knows things. You can see it in its facial expression. Its design gives it so much personality, and its the only starter from gen 5 I chose to be among my favorites. Snivy is the only gen 5 starter for me.

Gen 6 – Kalos – Phantump

Seriously, the spooky-cute thing really gets me. It didn’t make the cut for my favorite gen 6 ghost type (pumpkaboo beat it), but it fits perfectly right here.

Gen 7 – Alola – Rowlet

Wow. It’s adorable. And I truly did not expect its final evolution. But that is what made me choose it over litten as my starter in Pokémon Moon.

Gen 8 – Galar – Applin

I didn’t take a look at Sword and Shield’s leaked pokédex before the game, so I was pleasantly surprised to encounter a lot of the new pokémon while playing, including this one. Its design is so simple, yet so perfect, and it’s a pretty early game dragon type. And its shiny version is a green apple – yeah, perfect.

What are your favorite grass type pokémon?

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