Music Monday – Coffee Shop

I played Coffee Talk last week (look out for a post) and it’s inspired me to do a coffee shop themed Music Monday. So grab a hot cup of coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate, or whatever you drink), and get ready to chill.

Moon Bright – Coffee Talk

I was really excited when I heard this remixed Clair de Lune in Coffee Talk. Really great for a coffee shop that’s only open at night. Can I get a remixed Moonlight Sonata as well?

The Roost – Animal Crossing New Leaf

The Roost is one of my favorite fictional cafés and I anxiously await its appearance in New Horizons (while Brewster has been confirmed for the game, we’ve seen nothing of his café so far). This is perfectly relaxing music for enjoying a piping hot cup of Brewster’s own special blend, and chatting with your favorite villager.

Milk Bar – Majora’s Mask

It’s not a coffee shop, but the milk bar from Majora’s Mask has the vibe I’m going for in this post. The track itself is a little unusual for the dark tone of the game, but its fitting for a bar where everyone goes to forget their troubles (and the looming, falling moon). And the jazzy break 30 seconds in is just wonderful.

Nacrene City – Pokémon Black/White

Okay, this is a whole city, but it’s an artsy city with a café warehouse, and its track has a very coffee shop feel to it. A lot of Pokémon Black/White’s soundtrack, as well as Diamond/Pearl’s would go great in a coffee shop playlist.

Tenderhearted – Coffee Talk

I wanted to round out today’s Music Monday with another track from Coffee Talk. This one’s super chill and relaxing – more for mellowing out with a cup of coffee after a long day of work.

I hope y’all are having a good Monday and happy listening!

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