Favorite Steel Type Pokémon

I honestly think steel types are really cool, I just haven’t use them on my teams very much. It’s another one of those types I like as a secondary type. I’ve decided to skip Gen 1 because it only has two steel types (retroactively added), magnemite and magneton. So we’ll begin with Johto.

Gen 2 – Johto – Skarmory

Skarmory is a very unique (and cool) looking bird pokémon. I like the detail of rust-colored feathers. This detail extends to the shiny form, where its body is bronze and the rusty feathers turn green, like corroded copper.

Gen 3 – Hoenn – Mawile

I’ve always thought mawile was pretty cool looking, but I’m just now using it on my team for the first time in Pokémon Ultra Sun (which I took a break from playing when Sword/Shield came out, so I have to go back and finish it).

Gen 4 – Sinnoh – Bronzor

Bronzor is a weird little dude. It kind of reminds me of a snowflake for some reason, I guess because it’s got 6 points (the spheres)? I also like that it doesn’t have that silver coloring that a lot of steel pokémon have. It looks pretty different from most steel types and with no prior knowledge of it, I wouldn’t guess it was steel type.

Gen 5 – Unova – Pawniard

Part of the reason I chose pawniard is definitely the way it runs around in pokémon camp. I also think the blades for arms look is pretty cool. And I like the dark/steel dual typing.

Gen 6 – Kalos – Honedge

Another ghost type possessed-object…and I love it. I chose honedge out of its evolutionary line because I like its color scheme best, but I love the whole line.

Gen 7 – Alola – Togedemaru

Ah, the pikaclone of gen 7. Imagine if there were mimikyu forms that dressed as different pikaclones. I like that they went with the hedgehog direction – it’s really adorable.

Gen 8 – Galar – Copperajah

I love the way its design uses both colors of copper. I also love to see the use of different metals for steel type pokémon – this is the direction I want rock types to go in.

What are your favorite steel type pokémon?

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