Animal Crossing Diaries #15

It’s been awhile since my last Animal Crossing Diaries. I haven’t been playing much; I’m mostly waiting for March so I can catch my last fish and my last diving creature. But I didn’t want to wait until next month to post.

There will be one or two more Animal Crossing New Leaf Diaries, and then I’ll begin my New Horizons Diaries! I’m very excited – there will be so much to update on and posts will be frequent! And there’s an Animal Crossing Direct tomorrow!

Anyway, there was a meteor shower on Valentine’s Day, so that was pretty cool.

Had a nice Valentine’s Day photo op…excuse the messy hair…time for a haircut!

Hmm, not sure I’m into that cut/color combination. I think I’d like the hairstyle more with a different color, and the color more with a different hairstyle. I do like the hairpiece in the back, though!

Gracie’s shop was holding a sale, so I got a black veil to cover up the hairstyle for a bit.

And now I’m enjoying one of the last snows of the season. I’m still hoping for a good snow in real life (it happens in March around here sometimes), but I’m also ready for warmer weather.

30 days until New Horizons!

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