Favorite Ground Type Pokémon

I actually really like having pokémon on my team who have ground as their secondary type – I love mudkip. And it’s super nice to have a pokémon who knows earthquake. But I’ve only used a pure ground type once, and I’ll let you know below.

Gen 1 – Kanto – Cubone

I’ve never used cubone on a team (I have used alolan marowak on a team, but it’s fire/ghost), I just think cubone is a memorable pokémon with a great in-game story in gen 1.

Gen 2 – Johto – Phanpy

Phanpy is a cutie and it’s one of many gen 2 pokémon I was introduced to while playing Pokémon Ruby (I only played a borrowed copy of Crystal very briefly, so my real introduction to Johto was with HeartGold). I strongly associate phanpy with the safari zone, which I had a lot of fun with in gen 3.

Gen 3 – Hoenn – Camerupt

It’s a volcano camel! One of the things I really loved about Hoenn was that despite its reputation of having ‘too much water,’ it’s very geographically diverse. Camerupt reminds me of how great the volcano and desert areas were.

Gen 4 – Sinnoh – Gastrodon

Gastrodon’s kind of a weird-looking guy, but I liked that we got 2 different versions of it. I’m an east sea fan myself.

Gen 5 – Unova – Sandile

I just think sandile is a cool looking guy, okay?

Gen 6 – Kalos – Diggersby

Weird choice? I thought so too when I went back and looked at my list. Turns out it wasn’t a choice – it’s the only ground pokémon added in gen 6.

Gen 7 – Alola – Mudsdale

I really love mudsdale. I was excited to see another horse pokémon (one step closer to fulfilling my dream of having a horse pokémon team), and this guy’s really tank-y.

Gen 8 – Galar – Silicobra

Snakes are pretty cool. And it’s pretty cool to see a snake pokémon that isn’t just a poison type.

What are your favorite ground type pokémon?

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