Music Monday

I have a very brief Music Monday for you this week – I hope to return next week with another themed week. This week I’ve gone with some pretty, relaxing themes.

Main Theme – Animal Crossing New Horizons

It’s February, which means Animal Crossing New Horizons releases next month (only 46 more days!!!). I’m extremely excited to lock myself up to play one of my most highly anticipated games of 2020, and listen to all the new music.

Stables – Breath of the Wild

The music that plays at the stables in Breath of the Wild is so relaxing and calming, and it gives off this feeling of safety. Breath of the Wild does such a good job with taking iconic themes – Epona’s Song in this case – and incorporating them in completely new and fresh ways.

A Final Waltz – Death Stranding

A Final Waltz played during a moment in which I generally expect very different music. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just say that it made me pause and think about a particular character. It’s definitely one of my top 3 tracks in Death Stranding.

Thanks for listening!

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