I Completed My Pokédex for the First Time!

I’ve done it! I’ve completed my pokédex in Pokémon Shield. I’ve played pokémon for approximately 20 years, and this is my first time completing it. One major reason for completing it was to obtain the shiny charm. I got into shiny hunting last year when Pokémon Let’s Go came out and it’s extended to Pokémon Shield. I don’t have the shiny charm for Pokémon Let’s Go yet (you can get shiny odds to 1/315 without it and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to shiny hunt the legendaries, so I haven’t caught them to complete my pokédex yet), but after some long shiny hunts I felt compelled to get it in Shield.

Completing the pokédex was never something I felt I needed to do. I also never cared to transfer my pokémon from previous games when a new game came out – I always wanted to start fresh (although just with my battle team; I will be transferring a shiny eevee from let’s go so I can get a shiny sylveon). But with a pokédex of 400 and the internet to help with trades, I finally felt like completing it was doable.

I have 3 shinies so far, which I got prior to obtaining the shiny charm: koffing, sobble, and galarian ponyta. My plan today is to play until I get a shiny. I will be hunting impidimp and jangmo-o (masuda method) along with wooloo and pumpkaboo (encounter method). I’ll update on my twitter if I get any.

Do you have any shinies? And do you like to complete the pokédex?

4 thoughts on “I Completed My Pokédex for the First Time!

  1. That’s awesome! The only time I’ve completed my Pokédex would be Pokémon Red on my Game Boy as a kid. A coworker of mine has Shield and is trying to complete their Pokédex, I believe they’re at around 250 hours playing the game…

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  2. Congrats.

    I never bother shiny hunting or completing the Pokédex. I think both are far too tedious and I’d rather spend the time on something else.

    Best of luck with your continued shiny collecting.

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    1. Yeah, I agree that it gets pretty tedious, but I had fun shiny hunting in let’s go – they make it a lot easier and it was nice that you could see they were shiny in the overworld. Most of the time I’m doing something else like watching tv while I’m shiny hunting.

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