Things That Should Be In Every Video Game Part 2

I’m back with part two of things that should be in every video game. Once again, I don’t really think these things should be in every video game (they’d start to lose their charm), but I love it when they are.

Pretty Glowing Mushrooms

Mushrooms are pretty common in video games (the Mario mushrooms are unmistakable), but pretty, glowing ones? Those are a little rarer. I recently played two games in a row with them though – Pokémon Shield and Gris.

As you can see, they’re often lighting the way in dark places. In Breath of the Wild, you can cook these shrooms to give yourself some extra stealth.

Stained Glass Windows

I expressed my love for stained glass in Zelda games several months back, and I really love it in real life. Once I discovered you could craft stained glass in Minecraft (which I only played briefly on mobile and would love to play on a console), I realized I wanted to be able to craft stained glass in every game with glass crafting.

I really love the purple stained glass at the Old Chateau in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl and I’m excited to see how they would look in Gen 4 remakes!

It’s often associated with sacred places, appearing in sanctuaries and temples in Zelda, and I’ve noticed they’re an unlockable technology for your church in Graveyard Keeper. Stained glass also makes appearances around castles, like this portrait of Peach in Super Mario Odyssey.

Port Cities

Port cities might already be in every video game…they’re even more of a trope than the healing hot springs from last week. Death Stranding even has a city named Port Knot City. Port cities are surrounded by water and often accessible by boat or some other sort of water travel. They’re in every pokémon game.

Vermillion City

The port cities in Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire are my favorites of the pokémon series because they all have beaches as well – I spent a lot of time in Slateport City. Some port cities feature lots of merchants, like Slateport City above and Deluca in Littlewood below.

In Eastshade, Lyndow is a port town that doubles as your starting town. You arrive after the ship you’re traveling on crashes (luckily Lyndow is your destination and you’ve crashed nearby).

Lurelin Village in Breath of the Wild isn’t quite a port city – but it could be. It would be pretty neat if you could travel there and then take a boat to a new part of the world. And many believe it’s based on Outset Island from Wind Waker, which is definitely a port town (I mean, every town in Wind Waker is a port town). Also, I just wanted to leave off the post with a pretty picture.

Are there any other games you love with glowing mushrooms, stained glass, or port cities?

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