Things that Should be in Every Video Game Part 1

When I first started planning out this series, it was intended to be one post. But I kept thinking of more and more things that could fit in it, and I decided I was going to need a few posts – and the list could get longer as I play more games. So I’ll call this part one and see where it goes. Also, I don’t literally mean these things should be in every video game, I just love and appreciate it when they are.

Healing Hot Springs

This feature is actually what inspired the whole post. I was playing Death Stranding and came across a hot spring, so I immediately got in and it restored my stamina! I get excited every time I come across hot springs in video games. Hot springs also show up in The Legend of Zelda – in Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild, wading in them restores your hearts. There are goron hot springs, but I prefer the ones in the snowy Hebra region, for warming up in the middle of the bitter cold.

Okay, so the Lavaridge Hot Springs in Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald don’t technically have healing properties – they don’t heal your pokémon – but between things npcs say about them and its location next to a pokémon center, I think it qualifies. If we ever get Pokémon Let’s Go Hoenn, I hope we get pokémon swimming around in them.

Once again, technically this is a spa in Stardew Valley. But it’s located next to a mountain (I bet that water is geothermally heated) and hanging out in it replenishes your stamina.

There are several hot springs in Eastshade and you’ll want to visit them all. Bathe in them for some inspiration.


This is pretty much just an aesthetic feature I love to see (but it would be pretty cool if there was a game with an event tied to them).

The Breath of the Wild aurora is the most subtle of those I’m posting about – but still an exciting discovery. Seeing them for the first time was one of many ‘wow’ moments I had while playing the game.

I’ve never actually seen them while playing Skyrim (need to get back to playing it), but it sure stands out against the night sky.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s aurora is my favorite – it’s just so bright and colorful. Seeing the aurora borealis is definitely on my real life bucket list.

Wildflower Fields

This is another mostly aesthetic feature, although in some games you can harvest wildflowers. They are in plenty of games, but I always love to see them. And Breath of the Wild is three for three for things that should be in every video game.

Wildflowers are everywhere in Eastshade! I like to try to include them in most of my paintings.

Floaroma Town in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is a whole town of wildflowers. It’s one of my favorite towns in the series and I’d love to see how it turns out in a remake.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a game full of beautiful sites to explore (I mean, it’s set in Greece!). It goes to show that a more “serious” game doesn’t need to have a dark, gritty artstyle. I love how colorful everything is.

That concludes part one of this series. Did I miss these features in any of your favorite video games?

4 thoughts on “Things that Should be in Every Video Game Part 1

  1. This goes along with wildflower fields- but I love when you run through flower fields and petals fly around! Even just petals flying around in general! Kingdom Hearts 3 and Nier Automata both have moments of this, also Animal Crossing, but I don’t like my flowers dying at the cost of pretty petals flying around so it gives me a bit of anxiety. Dream addresses though…

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