Music Monday

I spent a good amount of time playing games last week, so I got to hear some new tracks and become reacquainted with a few older favorites – 3 tracks from today’s post are from games I’ve played this past week. I also got some inspiration for some new blog posts, so I look forward to sharing those too. For now, here’s your Music Monday playlist:

Legend of the Eagle Bearer – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Anyone who’s played Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be extremely familiar with this track. I just got back into playing this game after not playing for almost a year, and I had to get something from its soundtrack on here. This track really makes you feel like you’re on an epic adventure, an odyssey.

The Severed Bond – Death Stranding

When I heard this track while playing, I knew I needed to look it up immediately. Emotionally impactful tracks like these are often favorites of mine, and this is my favorite track so far in Death Stranding.

Scarlet Forest – Deltarune

I always love a good forest theme – there’s a forest theme in almost every one of my pokémon Music Mondays. This theme captures the same mysterious vibe that a lot of them contain – it’s like a musical trope. I also love how different this track sounds from the rest of the Deltarune ost.

Lyndow – Eastshade

Eastshade has a stunning, peaceful soundtrack to listen to as you travel around the world painting gorgeous scenery. Honestly, being a traveling artist sounds like the dream, so this game is major wish fulfillment. I hope this track leaves you feeling inspired.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tracks, thanks for listening!

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