Animal Crossing Diaries #14

It’s January and we’re getting closer and closer to New Horizon’s release date! I’m also getting closer to completing the museum in New Leaf. Unfortunately, I’ve been incredibly unlucky with my art collection. I only have 4 pieces left to collect and Redd just does not want to bring them! He keeps bringing the scary painting, which I need, but it’s always the forgery.

I did finally catch the stringfish and now I have to wait until March to catch the loach and the giant spider crab.

I built all the snow people!

Snowboy got a beautiful aurora backdrop. I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks in New Horizons, assuming it will still be included.

I played on the winter solstice and got a glow stick so I could see in the dark at 9:33am.

Days are getting longer now though, and I’m really starting to look forward to spring and warmer weather…and some cherry blossoms!

Doesn’t it look so colorful and pretty in New Horizons?

That’s all for today’s Animal Crossing Diaries. Only 72 days until New Horizons!

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