Music Monday

It’s the first Music Monday of 2020! MAGFest (Music and Gaming Festival) just happened this weekend and while I’m not talking about it in this post, I remembered how much I’ve wanted to go since I learned about it and I really think I should make plans to attend it one of these years! It would be great if I could go next year and post about it here! Anyway, on to this week’s tracks!

Ballad of the Goddesses – Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword is a particularly divisive Zelda game, but I think most of us agree that it has fantastic music. It was the first Zelda game to get an orchestrated soundtrack! And it’s amazing how Zelda’s Lullaby could be reversed and give us this beautiful melody. I wanted to include something from Skyward Sword because I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the possibility of a remake for the switch (please nintendo). It’s one of my favorite Zelda games and I would love to play the hell out of it on my switch.

Field of Hopes and Dreams – Deltarune

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since Deltarune chapter 1 came out. Very little is know about the development of the rest of the game, but I’ve been keeping an eye out for any updates. Like its predecessor Undertale, it’s got a great soundtrack and I’m super excited for the rest of the game.

Opening Demo – Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

This is just turning into the ‘games I’m hoping for in the future that haven’t been officially announced yet’ list. We need gen 4 remakes! (How has it been 13 years already since its initial release?) I’ve already compiled a list of my favorite Sinnoh songs, but I love the whole soundtrack, and in my opinion these games have the best opening demo track of all the pokémon games.

Title Theme – The Wind Waker

Okay, I’ve decided to continue the theme for my last two tracks. Wind Waker is another game I’d like to see on the switch (I just want to be able to play every Zelda game on my switch I guess). This title theme really nails the theme of the game and it’s super catchy – I often catch myself humming/whistling it. I could just play it on my wii u again…but I’d really love to be able to play it from anywhere on my switch.

Hyrule Field Night Theme – Twilight Princess

Surprise! It’s another Zelda game I’d like to see on the switch (Skyward Sword/Wind Waker/Twilight Princess bundle anyone??). This nighttime theme is one of my favorite Zelda overworld themes. One of these days I’ll get around to posting a ranking of Zelda overworld themes for Music Monday. I love looking at similar themes (musical and otherwise) across Zelda games and I’m hoping to write lots of Zelda posts this year comparing them.

As always, thanks for listening. What video game soundtracks are you most looking forward to this year?

2 thoughts on “Music Monday

  1. I’d love the chance to get further than a few hours into Skyward Sword without having to sit swinging my arms around. There are a bunch of rumors swirling around about Wii U ports coming to the Switch, a double pack of Windwaker and Skyward Sword would be freaking awesome!

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