Tuesday Tunes

This week’s Music Monday got pushed to Tuesday instead! I’ve decided to go with another snow/ice themed post because there’s so much music for it!

Snow Zone – Triforce Heroes

I really like the way this track sounds both pretty and threatening. This may not be my favorite Zelda game, but as usual, it still delivers on a great ost.

Longest Night – Night in the Woods

This track plays during the Longest Night supplemental game released before Night in the Woods to show off what the team had been working on. It takes place on the longest night (the winter solstice), which I’ve decided to make a tradition of playing on the first day of winter.

Flight Range – Breath of the Wild

I know a lot of people felt Revali was annoying, but this slowed down version of his theme reminded me that despite his sarcasm and disdain towards Link, he was still fighting alongside him, and sacrificed his life for Hyrule. He also has my favorite divine beast music – which I’ll feature in another post.

Winter (Nocturne of Ice) – Stardew Valley

I think this is one of my favorite tracks in the entire game (I love the winter tracks and included the Ancient one in my previous snow tunes post). I love the more muted bells of this theme.

Toy Day – Animal Crossing New Leaf

This is the music that plays on Christmas Eve in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. So it’s perfect for listening to today. I might go play New Leaf shortly to participate in the festivities!

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone, I hope you enjoy your holiday!

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