Legend of Zelda Wine Pairing Part 2

It’s time for part 2 of my Legend of Zelda wine pairing series! These posts are really fun to write and research and I’d love to do it for other games (or do similar concepts for the Zelda series like beer, cocktails, food, etc). I’ll likely revisit these posts when I get The Legend’s Cookbook in March to see if any of my choices pair well with any recipes. Without further ado, here’s part two!

Wind Waker – Traminette

Traminette wine has become a recent fave of mine. It’s usually an off dry wine, but its honey and floral notes make it come off as a little sweet. It’s also got spicy notes to it, so I feel it perfectly encapsulates the sweetness of Wind Waker’s toon style with Link’s more expressive personality.

The Legend of Zelda – Pinot Noir

For the original Legend of Zelda game I wanted to go with something more “traditional” which also evokes the red potions common in the series. With its red fruit flavors and ruby red color, pinot noir felt truly appropriate for Zelda 1.

Majora’s Mask – Syrah

Admittedly, I don’t drink a lot of fuller-bodied red wines, but I knew I wanted to pick a dark, full-bodied red for Majora’s Mask, the Zelda game known for its darker storyline. It’s flavors are diverse – dark fruits, chocolate, pepper, spice, tobacco, and licorice are commonly cited, and these diverse notes highlight the various masks Link uses.

Link’s Awakening – Blue Wine

My first thought was to go with something white and light-hearted, but Link’s Awakening is such a weird Zelda and it deserves and equally weird wine. And I remembered that blue wine is a thing while googling weird wines. I probably could’ve gone with something a little more serious, but I felt this was in the spirit of the game.

Skyward Sword – Moscato D’asti

For your adventures above and below the clouds, you need a sweet, sparkling white wine. I’ve mixed moscato d’asti with a few other drinks, including a pumpkin cider, perfect to enjoy at Skyloft’s Lumpy Pumpkin. (side note – this is a game I’d really love to see on the switch)

I hope you’ve enjoyed part 2, I’ve got one or two posts left for you in this series!

Part 3

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