Music Monday

I have to admit, I didn’t plan this post in advance at all, so today’s picks are just ones from games that have been on my mind recently. But there’s so much great video game music out there that it wasn’t difficult to come up with a Music Monday post quickly.

Ballad of the Wind Fish – Link’s Awakening

This track is a first for my Music Monday posts – it’s the first time I’ve posted a track with lyrics! I still haven’t played the Link’s Awakening remake yet, but I don’t think this version with lyrics is actually in the game – just the trailer (correct me if I’m wrong). This one is the English version, but the Japanese version is fantastic as well.

Hopes and Dreams – Undertale

Honestly, this is one that probably should’ve gone on my Toby Fox music monday post, but that post also could’ve gone on and on and I wanted to save some Undertale music for other posts.

Farewell – Celeste

I got back to playing Celeste again a few months ago when the chapter 9 dlc came out, though it got put on the back burner last month when Pokémon Sword/Shield came out. There’s a point where you can’t progress further if you haven’t completed the b-sides, so I had been working on those. I’ve been itching to get back to playing so I can listen to this beautiful music (thanks so much for Lena Raine).

Perseverance – Gris

I highly recommend playing Gris – I just played it a week ago and it just won the Game Award for Games for Impact. It’s got an incredible soundtrack, a stunning watercolor art style, and an (impact)ful story without even having any dialogue. It’s 50% off on the switch through the 18th, so if you haven’t played it yet, get it!

Snowpeak – Twilight Princess

This is my wintery pick for the week! This is one of my favorite places in Twilight Princess and the Snowpeak Ruins are one of my favorite Zelda dungeons – I love the non-traditional dungeons. You get to scale a mountain and then snowboard down on a sheet of ice (interesting precursor to botw shield surfing) while listening to a lonely wintery track that features Midna’s Lament.

Thanks for listening this week, I’m looking forward to starting some new games and finding more music to post!

One thought on “Music Monday

  1. The Ballad of the Wind Fish is one of my favorites!
    I also started playing Gris within the past week or so and I really love it so far, It’s a beautiful game and a nice change of pace to throw in between other more demanding games.

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