Animal Crossing Diaries #13 Winter is Here!

Winter is in full force in Animal Crossing New Leaf. The big blizzard was yesterday and snow has blanketed the town today.

I finally caught the mole cricket and sea cucumber, which were available last month, but became more common this month. I also caught the sea butterfly and oarfish, which became available this month. I still have to catch the stringfish and the dung beetle this winter, but after that I just have two more things – the loach and the giant spider crab, which are around in March – and then my museum will be complete!

I got to enjoy the holly bushes before they got covered in snow – I don’t have too many in my town, but I do think they’re very pretty and I wish the snow didn’t completely cover the berries.

Taking a break from catching bugs to catch snowflakes
I love these igloos

It snowed last night here in real life too and there was a bit of snow on the ground when I woke up, so that was pretty neat.

It looks so warm inside

It’s snowy in Pocket Camp too! I love the gingerbread furniture from the recent event.

I’m really looking forward to experiencing winter in New Horizons – it looks gorgeous!

Look at the trees, the snow, the door decorations! And the gentle glow of the fire and the tree lights.

6 months after the E3 trailer and we’re down to 100 days until New Horizons! Think we’ll see anything about it at the Game Awards tomorrow night?

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