Legend of Zelda Wine Pairings Part 1

I’m on a quest to pair each Zelda game with wine. I am by no means an expert on wine, but I do enjoy drinking some while playing a game sometimes. My main goal here was to pick wines that in some way paired well with specific Zelda games, while being general enough with each selection to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. In some cases I had a particular reason for choosing a wine and sometimes I just felt like, hey I just wanna drink this wine while playing this game.

With so many Zelda games, I’ve decided to split this into multiple posts, so here you have part 1:

Ocarina of Time – Chardonnay

I chose chardonnay for this game because they’re both widely popular. Ocarina of Time is one of the first games people think of when they think of Zelda, and I think the same is true of chardonnay with wines. Sure there are some people who aren’t fans, but chardonnay is suited to a variety of people’s tastes. I don’t drink much chardonnay, but I have tried one that was semi sweet with green apple and apricot notes that I enjoyed.

Oracle of Seasons – Fruit Wine

Some grape wines have added fruit juice for a fruit-flavored wine, but there are also wines made from the fruit instead of grapes – I love trying them when I come across them.Oracle is all about manipulating the seasons so make it something seasonal! I just had cranberry wine at Thanksgiving. Fruit wines can be dry or sweet just like grape wine – I’ve even had a port-style blueberry wine!

A Link Between Words – Rosé

This is the wine and paint of Zelda games, as transforming into a painting is the game’s featured mechanic. So I feel like it deserves the pretty watercolor-y vibe of rosé. Rosé can be for all kinds of wine drinkers – red, white, dry, sweet – as it comes in many forms. So take your pick and get ready for some art!

The Minish Cap – Pink Moscato

This is one of those ‘I just feel it fits’ ones. I went more specific for this one – Innocent Bystander pink moscato. It’s an Australian wine that’s naturally sweet and bubbly and colorful and it makes me feel how I feel while playing Minish Cap. I’ve only had it at a wine bar and a local bar/pub because no liquor stores around me sell it, but if you like sweet and bubbly and can find it near you, I highly recommend trying it!

Breath of the Wild – Sangria

With all the ingredient-collecting in Breath of the Wild, I thought it would be fun to do the same in real life, gathering various fruits for sangria. You can really make it your own and you can use whatever wine you want -red, white, rosé, fruit (my personal favorite is red sangria with blackberries). It’s the open world wine adventure.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post – I look forward to pairing the rest of the Zelda games with wine.

Part 2

4 thoughts on “Legend of Zelda Wine Pairings Part 1

  1. Great list! With the wide selection of Zelda games out there it makes for perfect wine pairing. Sangria with Breath of the Wild is spot-on, with a game like The Windwaker I would envision something like a sweeter, fruity Riesling and something darker and more complex like Majora’s Mask or Twilight Princess would go with a darker red like a Cabernet. Looking forward to reading more!

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