Music Monday – Snow/Winter Tunes

It’s December and it’s almost winter, which means it’s time for a snowy/wintery themed Music Monday. It was supposed to snow here today, but I haven’t seen a single flurry. I’m hoping for a snowy day soon so I can stay in and listen to these tracks.

Circhester Theme – Pokémon Sword and Shield

Think this one was missing from my list of Galarian tunes? I was just saving it for this week. Pokémon’s got lots of great snowy area themes and I’ve featured a couple on Music Mondays, and this one’s a great addition.

Snowy Mountain – Jak and Daxter

I haven’t talked about Jak and Daxter on here, but I loved playing them growing up. I specifically remember playing the game on a cold winter day, bundled up inside while waiting for dinner – some nice hot salmon chowder.

Anouki Village – The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

I think Spirit Track’s soundtrack is super underrated.

10am Snow – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I had to include an Animal Crossing snow theme here and I think 10am’s theme is one of the best. It’s a very quiet theme besides the bells which perfectly captures the way snow dampens all sound and makes the day feel silent and peaceful.

Snowdin Town – Undertale

Snowed in? Listen to this nice tune from Undertale to warm up after playing in the snow. And make yourself some hot chocolate.

Winter (Ancient) – Stardew Valley

I love this one because it’s so different from other winter themes we’re used to hearing. It moves away from your typical bells and even includes a sitar. And it succeeds in in evoking winter without sticking to winter music tropes.

Frozen Solid and Chilled – Yoshi’s Woolly World

This one’s got more of an icy sound to it than others on this list. It reminds me of ice glazing leafless trees and icicles hanging from everything in sight.

There are tons of snowy themes in video game and maybe I’ll continue to include them in Music Monday for the next few months. I hope you enjoy the ones I chose today.

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