Animal Crossing Diaries #12 – Autumn Winds Down

Fall is almost over in Animal Crossing and soon everything will be blanketed with snow and trees will be decorated with lights. The holly bushes are budding and today I had some snow flurries. But before winter begins, I wanted to take one last moment to appreciate autumn.

This one’s pretty early in the fall – the fruit trees have changed to a still summery light green.

Still early fall, but the leaves are now a definite yellow, fall feel to them.

I love how the town plaza tree looks against the bright blue sky.

Now things are starting to get real pretty. It’s starting to get chilly – perfect for a campfire.

Look at those red-orange hues.

Still pretty, but the town plaza tree is starting to get brownish.

Now these are the trees I wait all season for. These are *grab a pumpkin spice latte and go on a drive to check out the fall foliage* pretty.

The trees are browning, but it’s snowing!

Check out the holly buds!

I’ll have a December update in a couple weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch some bugs/fish that become available/more common. The mole cricket is causing me some difficulty.

I hope everyone who’s celebrating Turkey Day enjoys it! I tried to make things nice and cozy for my Pocket Camp villagers.

114 days until New Horizons!

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Diaries #12 – Autumn Winds Down

  1. The mole cricket is the worst! I hate digging up half the town when they usually just jump into the nearest water anyway.

    I prefer winter scenery over fall, but I love the crunchy leaves! I hope New Horizons will capture that. Maybe different types of trees so we get more than just a town tree that becomes branches? I forgot the term for the trees that lose their leaves…

    Different little coffee designs would be cute too!

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    1. Deciduous trees I think? And yeah, it would be cool to have a leafless tree covered in ice, I always think they look so pretty! I’m really excited to see what new stuff New Horizons has for us!

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