Music Monday – Relax and Chill

So, I’ve barely wrestled myself away from Pokémon Shield to write this post (I’m loving the game). I hope to do a first impressions post on it this week and feature it for Music Monday next week. But for now, I’ve got some chill out music picks for today.

I’ve posted plenty of pretty, relaxing music on here before, but this week I wanted to do it for the whole post. When I was in school, I loved putting on youtube compilations of relaxing video game music while I was studying.

Celeste – Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix)

Need something to chill out to while taking on the immensely challenging Celeste B-sides. Well this chapter has it right in the game. It kept me from screaming during the most difficult moments, and I completed the chapter the night before getting Pokémon Shield.

Breath of the Wild – Link’s Memories – Resolve and Grief

I love the way this track takes Breath of the Wild’s theme and slows it down, while matching the idea of “resolve and grief.” It’s sad and bittersweet sounding, but it ends on a positive note. It’s a reminder of all Link has lost but also of all the potential he has.

Kingdom Hearts 2 – Dearly Beloved Reprise

Dearly Beloved is one of those *turn on the game just to have it playing in the background* tracks. The Kingdom Hearts 2 Dearly Beloved Reprise is a gorgeous stripped down version and I highly recommend listening to it with rainy mood in the background.

Ocarina of Time – Title Theme

This is one of my favorite Zelda tracks. I have a lot of nostalgia for it – Ocarina of Time was my first Zelda game, and the Zelda series is what really got me into video games, as well as video game music. It’s almost strange to hear it without Epona galloping by.

The Last of Us – Main Theme

I’ve been wanting to get some music from The Last of Us on here. This track fits perfectly as a main theme. While it feels melancholy and lonely, it still manages to give off feelings of adventure and hopefulness where all seems lost. I wonder if we’ll hear any new iterations of this theme in The Last of Us Part 2.

Stay tuned this week for some Pokémon Sword/Shield posts!

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