My Perfect Game Night In

As the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield rapidly approaches (it’s already out for some of the world), I’ve been thinking a lot about my perfect game night in. Especially as an introvert, my favorite way to spend a night is bunkered down with a book, tv show, movie, or video game.

Sobble is my starter choice

Since this is exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow, I thought I’d share what I believe makes for a perfect game night in.

  • Get Cozy – wear your comfiest clothes, get a comfy place to sit, grab your favorite blanket (and if you’re playing sword/shield, grab your favorite pokémon plushie)
  • Charge your electronics beforehand – if anything needs to be charged, do it before your game night begins. Even if you end up needing to charge things again later, you’ll know where your charger is, and it will serve as a good reminder to get up and take a little break (I’m bad at this)
  • Drinks – my drink of choice for gaming is Dr Pepper (I’ll probably grab some when I go out to get my copy of Pokémon Shield), but I occasionally switch things up with a bottle of wine or a warm beverage (hot chocolate) during the colder months.
Leave the cooking for in game activities
  • Food – my favorite thing to do is order in so that my night in doesn’t get eaten up by time spent cooking. I love ordering sushi because it’s easy to eat while playing – it’s bite sized and you don’t have to worry about it cooling down while you’re playing. Don’t forget snacks too! I like a combo of sweet and salty snacks so I don’t eat too many of either.

Is anyone having a game night in this weekend? Perhaps playing Pokémon Sword or Shield? How do you enjoy your game nights in?

2 thoughts on “My Perfect Game Night In

  1. My game nights in usually consist of bad posture and Discord calls- I’m really bad at taking breaks so the most I usually take are short ones to go downstairs and grab water/eat or give attention to the cat who keeps walking behind the monitor.

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