Music Monday

There’s no theme this week – just a few favorites of mine. I tried to pick at least one track for each of the games I talk about the most on here – no pokémon, because that’s been featured quite a lot, and I’ll probably have a post for Sword and Shield’s soundtrack soon.

Resurrections – Celeste

I was already enjoying Celeste’s soundtrack when I started the game, but it’s when I got to Chapter 3 that it really caught my attention. Resurrections is a beautiful piece on its own, but the way that it perfectly entwines with the story and gameplay here makes it so much more than just background music. I think it’s so much fun to go on Youtube and watch analysis of this and other tracks on Celeste’s incredible soundtrack.

Hyrule Castle – Breath of the Wild

A lot of Breath of the Wild’s music is ambient, calm, and peaceful, focusing on environment rather than themes. This by contrast, is about as thematic as you can get. It’s got this big, full, epic feeling to it – it’s the culmination of all you’ve gone through in the game and a reminder of what you’re about to do – destroy Ganon. The Hyrule Castle theme combines several prominent Zelda themes – the main theme, Zelda’s lullaby, a couple Ganon themes, the Ballad of the Wind Fish (although some debate this one).

Investigation – Core 2001 – Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

This one is kind of an odd ball for me. I’ve never played Ace Attorney, but I’ve been watching the Game Grumps playthrough. Their editor made a song composed from sound bites from a particular episode (it’s fantastic), but what I didn’t realize at first is that they’re actually beatboxing part of this track.

All Gone No Escape – The Last of Us

There are several iterations of the All Gone theme in The Last of Us, but this one is my favorite. It’s so heartbreaking and it really makes you feel everything Ellie and Joel have been through together. It plays during one of several moments of the game where I cried – which I did at least once in each ‘chapter’ of the game. It’s tracks like this that make me look forward to what we’ll hear in part 2.

1am – Animal Crossing New Leaf

If you don’t play at certain hours (usually late night and early morning for me and many others I’m sure), you’ll miss out on some of Animal Crossing’s tracks. That includes this lovely one that plays at 1am, which might be my favorite track in the game. It’s the perfect background music to head to your town’s beach and listen to the waves while stargazing. The composer of this track also composed another track on today’s list – Hyrule Castle!

That’s it for today, thanks for listening!

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