Music Monday: Halloween Edition

Need some video game music to add to your Halloween playlist? I’ve picked out a few pieces from some of my favorite video games to feature this week.

The Outbreak – The Last of Us

Most of The Last of Us’s soundtrack isn’t scary and lends itself more to emphasizing the loneliness, despair, and the occasional moments of hope in its world. The Outbreak is just downright unsettling. It’s a much darker turn for the soundtrack, letting go of all feelings of hope.

Halloween – Animal Crossing New Leaf

Halloween is such such a fun holiday in the game and the music is a perfect whimsical style for the game. I love tracks that are both fun and spooky. I can’t wait to hear Animal Crossing New Horizons‘s Halloween Track.

Arbiter’s Grounds – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

There’s Halloween music you play inside at parties and there’s Halloween music you play outside to create a creepy atmosphere for the trick-or-treaters. This is the latter. It makes for great dungeon music, truly adding to the feeling of danger, that there might be some threat looming around every corner.

Spirit’s Eve – Stardew Valley

This is the track that plays on Halloween in Stardew Valley. It’s probably one of my favorite tracks in the whole game.

Spirit of Hospitality – Celeste

I’m so excited to finally put something from Celeste’s soundtrack on a Music Monday. This track is perfectly spooky and fits right on any Halloween playlist.

Three days until Halloween! I hope you enjoying your last few days of the spooky season!

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