Music Monday: Under the Covers

It’s the covers edition of Music Monday! This is gonna be mostly Legend of Zelda covers, because that’s a lot of what I listen to…but I tried to get a couple other games in.

Kakariko Village – The Legend of Zelda – harpsona

Harpsona does beautiful harp covers of video game music. A friend sent me one of her videos, and I immediately subscribed. Kakariko Village is one of my favorite covers from her. And if you’re looking for Halloween music, she has a great cover of the Luigi’s Mansion theme and (although not from a video game) Spooky Scary Skeletons.

Gerudo Valley – Ocarina of Time – MartOzz

Gerudo Valley is one of my favorite tracks in the entire Zelda series. And I haven’t heard a cover of it I didn’t like. But this one might just top them all.

Great Fairy Fountain – The Legend of Zelda – maki ligon

What if the Great Fairy Fountain theme was the Stranger Things intro music? I’ve been kind of obsessed with synths lately – probably because of Stranger Things – and I think this is awesome.

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Medley – Dr. Pez VGM

There’s been no lack of pokémon music on this blog (7 weeks of pokémon Music Mondays), but I couldn’t resist adding some more. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire should’ve used this as their soundtrack. I love the gen 3 music, and I think this arrangement is perfect.

Megalovania – Undertale – Samantha Ballard

I love harp covers. And this is such a different way than most are used to hearing Megalovania. Samantha also has lots of harp covers of video game music, so I highly recommend checking out her channel.

That’s it for today! Sometimes it’s fun to just go on YouTube and get lost in all the video game music covers – you’ll find some great stuff. Next week is my Halloween edition of Music Monday.

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