Autumn Gaming Bucket List

I’ve seen lots of bloggers making their own fall bucket lists, and I thought it would be neat to create a gaming edition bucket list. Fall evenings are a great time for getting cozy and playing games (or for turning off the lights and playing something scary). So here are some gaming activities I like to do during autumn.

  • Play a game that takes place in autumn (or play through autumn in a game that has seasons). My recommendation: Night in the Woods.
Spirit’s Eve in Stardew Valley
  • Do some in-game decorating – if you’re playing something like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley that has seasonal decorations, get festive in-game! If you’re into Minecraft, you can get extra creative with your decor.
  • Play a horror game – get scared for Halloween! Scary games not up your alley? Play something more whimsical like Luigi’s Mansion. Like horror but with minimal jump scares? Try Darkwood or Yomawari.
Darkwood – A horror game without jump scares
  • Watch spooky let’s plays and streams – lots of let’s players and streamers do more horror/spooky games as Halloween approaches. I love watching first person horror games, because I’m too scared to play them myself most of the time.
Enjoy the nice fall foliage of Breath of the Wild’s Akkala Region

I hope you’re enjoying your fall and getting into the season with your video games. I’m hoping to do a bucket list for each season.

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