Music Monday: Alola

This is the last Music Monday for pokémon music until Pokémon Sword and Shield come out! As with Gen 6, I’ve spent much less time listening to Gen 7’s soundtrack than many others. So I really had to pay attention while listening over the past week.

I played Pokémon Moon, and I’ve just gotten back into playing Ultra Sun (I just realized my 3ds clock is off, so I’ve been playing mostly in night hours in-game), so I’ve been exposed to night themes more. I’m curious if the day/night cycle in these games has influenced how people feel about the tracks. I know a lot of people love night themes, but I wonder if hearing them during the day during Pokémon Moon has fostered an even greater apptreciation for them (or the opposite).

Iki Town (Night)

Day or night, Iki Town’s theme is pretty fantastic. But the night theme edges ahead for me. Both themes are super relaxing, but the night theme definitely has more of a sleepy relaxing vibe to it, while the day theme is something I’d want to listen to while getting some work done.

Malie City

I just reached Malie City in my Ultra Sun playthrough yesterday and knew I had to include it on the list. This town is a nod to Pokémon’s Japanese regions, specifically Johto. I could not decided between the day and night theme for this city, so I put the day theme here as a default, but the night theme deserves a listen as well! Especially because parts of it give me a Wind Waker Dragon Roost Island vibe. And I really think listening to stripped versions of tracks gives you a greater appreciation for what’s going on musically.

Mt. Lanakila

I haven’t included too many route themes so far, but I think this one is killer. It’s such an epic lead up to the Elite Four.

Po Town

Now for some spooky tunes to get you in the spirit of spooky season. Walking into Po Town, I expected music that aligned more closely to Team Skull’s themes – more punk rock-y. But this one really went well with the rainy, dilapidated town.

Abandoned Megamarket

I may have said 2 weeks ago that the next Music Monday would have a track that featured some cool 3D sound…I meant this Music Monday. The 3D music and disjointed sound on this track really make this piece. I highly recommend listening with headphones.

This will be the last pokémon Music Monday for awhile, so get ready for new stuff next week! 39 days until Pokémon Sword and Shield!

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