Animal Crossing Diaries #10

It’s October, which means new things to collect! The only new bug available this month that I haven’t caught yet is the bagworm, so time for lots of tree shaking/net hitting. I’m still working on the spiny lobster from last month, but I caught everything else. I also finally got a new painting from Redd: the neutral painting. Four paintings left!

I’ve got lots of pictures of flowers today, especially of violet/lily combinations thanks to eiffelcattower’s suggestion.

Definitely wanted to do some purple/orange for Halloween.
Got a little garden of all the black flowers…trying to decide if I want to expand it
Kept the same pattern, but made it vertical for purple/yellow!
Got some white flowers in a combo
Flashback to more summer-y times in Animal Crossing
Not my favorite combo, but it’s something different for me!
Aind finally some blue/pink feat. double rainbow…or double rainbow feat. blue/pink?
And the sweet olives are blooming! They look so pretty!

And now for my promised autumn Pocket Camp layout. I really love it. (Click for a fuller view of the right image).

A couple Animal Crossing posts ago I said that I’ve love to see a mums gardening event in Pocket Camp, but I figured October would have a Halloween gardening event, which I thought pumpkins would be cool for. Well…

Spooky season is in full force now, so get ready for lots of Halloween posts! 169 days until Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Diaries #10

  1. The gardens look so cute!! I’ve used the pink lily/white violet combo a lot before, but it doesn’t “pop” as well as orange lily/purple violet. Orange/purple reminds me of Neopets because the purple paintbrush tended to have orange also worked into the skin- it was cute on one of the cat ones I loved, they had little orange freckles.

    Your campsite is beautiful! Mine is just full of water fountains and baths because I haven’t gone full Halloween yet.

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    1. Thanks! The orange/purple is also very Maryland-y to me (which is where I live) cuz they’re our sports teams’ colors (Orioles/Ravens). I don’t really follow football and baseball, but I like the color combo lol


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