Music Monday: Kalos

When I first started writing this post, there weren’t any themes I recalled from when I played the game. This is the game I’ve spent the least amount of time with – there was no third edition/sequel and it’s far too early for remakes (here’s a thought – what would Kalos look like remade as a 2D game?). So I really had to listen through the soundtrack. And I’m going to start with an unsurprising pick for me.

Santalune Forest

Another week, another forest theme. Also I love marimbas. And the layers of this track that get added as it progresses are wonderful, like the music is becoming more full bodied as you get deeper into the forest.

Anistar City

A lot of the tracks I’ve picked out have this plucky, staccato sound to them, yet they all maintain their own unique styles. This one is very ancient and traditional sounding, and contrasts with much of the rest of the region.

Glittering Cave

It’s pokémon meets Luigi’s Mansion! A little spooky and a lot mischievous.

Dark Skies

This is another one of those atmospheric ones I really like. I was trying to figure out exactly when it plays, and it seems it plays at some points when villainous Team Flare boss Lysandre is around. I haven’t included much in the way of evil team themes in my lists so far, but most of them are pretty great, Dark Skies included.

Laverre City

Laverre City is so gorgeous and fairytale-like (perfect for the fairy-type gym), and it’s music perfectly fits this. This city makes me want to write a post on places in the pokémon world where I would want to live.

An Unwavering Heart

This track is also in Black/White and I almost put it on last week’s list, but it was getting a little long. Doesn’t this one just hit you right in the feels?

Scary House

Yeah, I really like the spooky music. This is prime “turn it on and tell a scary story” music. And that’s what I’m going to leave for you to prepare for the month of October!

46 days until Pokémon Sword and Shield!!!

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