Outbreak Day: The Last of Us

It’s September 26th, which is Outbreak Day in The Last of Us’s universe. On Tuesday, journalists got access to around three hours of new gameplay, and today we get to hear from them! I’m looking forward to what they have to say. A new trailer was also released on Tuesday in which we got a release date (February 21, 2020!!!) and I wanted to share some thoughts. Update: The release date has been pushed to May 29, 2020.

Tommy’s town is thriving!

The town has, not only functional electricity, but also decorative string lights! It makes it seem like they’ve got things well organized and put together. And I love the way the snow looks.


Last year, people spotted Ellie wearing a bracelet that was first seen on Dina. Many speculated that Dina would be murdered, which would lead Ellie on a revenge spree. This trailer seems to all but confirm this (although trailers have led us astray before). Poor Ellie…this game is gonna emotionally wreck me.

A glimpse of a city..

Apparently a large part of the game will take place in Seattle. Is that what’s shown here?

Ellie’s boating…did she learn how to swim?

I sure hope she learned how to swim. This next shot shows another city scene with a ferris wheel in the background – I really think this is Seattle.

The next 10 seconds of the trailer are very fast-paced and full of aggressors, so it becomes difficult to make out exactly what everything is. There are several infected, but I can’t tell from the video if any are new types of infected. I will say that the fast-moving bloaters look terrifying. We also see a dog attack Ellie – could it be infected?

Last but not least…

It’s Joel!!!!! The guy everyone’s been waiting to see! He’s back and here to help Ellie. Will he survive the game though?

148 days until The Last of Us Part 2!!!!

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