Music Mondays: Unova Notes

I can’t believe this is already my 5th week of Music Mondays. I’m almost through the pokémon regions and I’ve got to start figuring out what to do next. I’m thinking spooky/horror for October?

Anyway, on to Gen 5 music! Pokémon Black and White have some real neat sound design. Route themes had different variations depending on the seasons, music might change depending on where you are or if you’re moving, and Unova is sprinkled with musicians who will play their instruments if you ask them, adding an extra layer to the theme. Serebii lists all of the different music changes here.

Village Bridge

Since I just talked about Gen 5’s sound design, I wanted to include something that used one of the features I mentioned. I found a video by youtuber Pikanyaasan that gradually adds in the layers, which perfectly shows off the sound design. Pikanyaasan did the same thing with Victory Road’s music if you wanna check that out.

Nuvema Town

I think this is my favorite starting town theme. It’s so pretty and calming, and it sounds like it could be a Zelda town theme (seriously, listen to Ordon Village’s music after listening to this).

Lostlorn Forest

Forest themes in pokémon sounding mysterious/threatening? Seems familiar. Viridian Forest and Eterna Forest, which have made it to my past Music Mondays, along with Ilex Forest and Petalburg Woods do the same. It seems to lessen a bit after Gen 5, but it keeps a similar vibe. And I love the way it sounds.

Dragonspiral Tower

I wasn’t initially going to put this track on the list. But then I saw someone in the Youtube comments section mention the echo when listening with headphones. It’s amazing how 3D sound can change a song and make it feel so much more atmospheric (apparently my favorite word to describe music). One of the tracks I’ve got for next week also makes great use of 3D sound.

Driftveil City

This was the first track I knew had to be on my list this week. I mean, what a bop! It’s so unique in terms of pokémon music and I love it.

N Final Battle Theme

N is one of my favorite characters in the pokémon series, so I had to choose one of his themes. Honestly, all of them could go on here, from the epic battle and castle music to the sweet, emotional themes, but I decided to pick just one – the summation of all your encounters with N. I can only hope we see N return to the pokémon series, even just Pokémon Masters.

Hope you enjoyed today’s picks. 53 days until Pokémon Sword and Shield!

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