Music Monday: Sinnoh Songs

Gen 4 might just have my favorite pokémon soundtrack. A lot of the music has this calm, jazzy feel that I regret not listening to while studying while I was in school. Most of the songs I’ve picked today could go on a nice, calming playlist – though definitely not the second one.


I love those runs that go on throughout the song. I could see myself listening to this while sitting by a lake in real life – I love when that happens. Same thing happens with the Great Fairy Fountain theme from Zelda – I highly recommend sitting by a fountain and playing it on your headphones (with the volume low enough that you can also hear the running water).

Deep Within the Hideout

So atmospheric! Ugh it sounds so good – like you’re actually in danger while in the hideout. I love that pulsing bass, which always does a good job of making things sound threatening and scary – they did the same thing in Game of Thrones for the Battle of Winterfell episode (although much more briefly) towards the beginning and it sets the tone so well. And the lab sound effects are perfect.

Eterna Forest

This one gives almost a mysterious vibe. It’s also super swing-y and sticks with Gen 4’s jazzy theme.

Snowpoint City

It sounds just like snow. It’s so pretty and peaceful, which fits well with the quietness of the town.

Route 209

I think this is a pretty popular route theme music. It’s nice and adventurous and has such a full sound to it.

Canalave City

This one for some reason reminded me of Vermillion City and Olivine City and I wasn’t sure why – then I realized they’re all port cities! They also all made it to my Music Monday lists (Lilycove and Slateport almost made it last week, which is interesting because those are the ones I don’t find similar to the other port cities). I think I just really like they music the pokémon series uses around bodies of water – I’ve started and ended this post with them.

This list could’ve kept going, but I had to end it at some point. So many themes could’ve gone on here. And listening to the soundtrack has made me yearn for Gen 4 remakes (2020 maybe?). I think we’re overdue for them. Anything missing from this list you would have put on here?

60 days until Pokémon Sword and Shield!

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