Animal Crossing Diaries #9

Once again, I’ve successfully caught all the bugs and fish made available so far this month. The king salmon was a challenge, but I finally got it. Just a couple more days until I can get the mitten crab, sweet shrimp, and spiny lobster.

Redd has been a pain in the butt the past several visits. He keeps bringing the wild painting (which I need), but it’s always the fake one! Come on man, help me out here.

The sweet olives have started budding…only a couple more days until they bloom.

I’ve mostly been working on my gardening. I’m enjoying trying out different flower and color combinations. Here are the new ones I’ve got in my town.

I really like that pink/yellow combo, so I’ve done it again!
Blue/pink is my favorite color combo
Again with the warm and cool colors
I love the way the yellow pops next to the blue
Wanted to do an all white garden – probably will do the same with black flowers

I’ve got more gardens in the works, and I’ll probably show them off in my next Animal Crossing Diary, along with my autumnal Pocket Camp setup.

189 days until New Horizons!

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