Pokémon Masters: For Beginners and Long-time Fans Alike

When Pokémon Masters was first announced, I thought it would be more for long-time, possibly more competitive fans of the pokémon series. It’s main feature is the ability to battle alongside gym leaders and champions from all the pokémon games in the Pokémon Masters League (PML). But the app makes it easy for newcomers to get right into battling, and you don’t have to have an advanced understanding of battle mechanics to continue.

The 3v3 battle style is new to the series and is unique in that it is not a turn-based system. Rather, you have a recharge meter for attacks that occur in real time. And, instead of each pokémon type having multiple type weaknesses and immunities, each pokémon only has one move type and one type weakness. Ponyta, for example, is a fire type and is only weak to rock type moves. You fight with 3 sync pairs, which consist of one trainer and one pokémon.

You have regular moves, a sync move, and passive moves (which are like pokémon abilities). The regular movies are the rechargeable ones, and each time you use one, a countdown goes down so that you can use a powerful sync move (think Z moves). Each trainer also has a specific item they can use which also contributes to the sync move countdown.

Pasio, the region the game takes place on, feels like a vacation island. The graphics are vibrant and colorful. You get a poryphone (porygon phone – guesss we’re giving rotom a much deserved break) that displays your missions, bag, dex, and friends. There is an evil team in the form of Team Break (the masked fellows featured below), but I haven’t played enough to really figure them out yet. I will say that they have a really cool logo – it’s a sideways mask that looks like the letter ‘B’.

Pretty sure someone on the development team is a Sailor Moon fan.

If you’re looking for a fun new way of battling, this game is great! It’s not very strong on the story side, but it is cool to get to interact with gym leaders, elite four members, champions, and other famous pokémon trainers. It’s a nice game to play while we wait for Pokémon Sword and Shield, which comes out in 66 days!

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