Music Monday: Hoenn Edition

Ah, Gen 3, my favorite pokémon generation. Ask someone about Hoenn’s music and you’re guaranteed to get some remarks on the heavy use of trumpets. Ask me and you’ll get the same, but also an acknowledgment of the gorgeous flute that makes up many of the peaceful melodies in this watery region.

I love the music in Ruby/Sapphire, and I really could just put the whole soundtrack here. I somehow managed to select just a few.

Verdanturf Town

I used to go to this town just to listen to the music. I would go stand by the flowers and then let the music play. ‘Nuff said.

Fortree City

I added this one, then took it off, then re-added it after I listened to the Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire version. I think I added it at first just because I love the city, rather than because I love the music. But they made it laid back in the remakes in a way that pairs perfectly with the treehouse style of living. I’m really into music that fits the atmosphere, which brings me to my next pick.

Mount Pyre

Holy crap, is this atmospheric. It’s creepy and unsettling in a way that’s different from Lavender Town’s theme. The music makes it feel like it’s not only home to ghosts and the dead, but also to something ancient and powerful that could break free at any moment.

Route 104

This is the music that comes to mind when I think of route themes in Hoenn. It’s got the trumpets right there in the beginning, loud and aggressive. It’s almost like Hoenn’s defining piece of music.

Sootopolis City

I love all the unique cities and towns in Hoenn, and Sootopolis’s theme is pretty and relaxing after the stress of the drought or heavy rainfall music (drought music gets an honorable mention). You have to dive (dive music also gets an honorable mention) or fly to get here, and then you’re rewarded with beautiful flute and trumpet melodies.

This was my longest Music Monday list yet (my last two only had three songs) and it was a struggle to keep it down to just 5. The whole soundtrack is great, and I hope you’ll take some time to enjoy it. I look forward to picking out songs from Sinnoh next week!

67 days until Pokémon Sword and Shield!

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