Music Monday – Pokémon Gen 2

I already brought up the nostalgia factor for early pokémon music last week, but somehow, Gen 2 is more nostalgic for me, despite the fact that I didn’t play through Johto until Heart Gold (although I very briefly borrowed crystal from my cousin).

It’s like the music was created to be nostalgic, which is not too surprising for the first tune.

Violet City/Olivine City

“The City of Nostalgic Scents” – Violet City’s slogan. Okay, maybe the music was created to be nostalgic. I have been humming this one all week. I hadn’t listened to it for years, but it just came right back to me.

Ecruteak City/Cianwood City

I might love this theme so much because I love Ecruteak City. It’s a beautiful city, especially in HeartGold and SoulSilver where the trees on Bellchime trail get an autumnal update. It receives a nice update in the remakes, with some Japanese koto in the intro.

Azalea Town/Blackthorn City

This one is not only one of my favorites from Gen 2, but one from the entire pokémon series. There’s something about that chiptune that’s so sweet-sounding, like everything is good in the world. I listened to it a lot while writing papers during my last semester of school.

Writing this post has made me long for pokémon let’s go johto games. I think a lot of people would rather see Gen 4 remakes first – I think I would as well, but we can hope for both! 74 days until Pokémon Sword and Shield!

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