Animal Crossing Diaries #8

It’s September and that means fall and new things to catch in Animal Crossing! I can now catch salmon, king salmon, and pike. I have to wait until the 15th to catch mitten crab, sweet shrimp and spiny lobster.

Not much has happened in the last month of playing New Leaf, but I decided to start working on more simple little gardens.

I love how simple and pretty they are – I need to decide on more color and flower combinations. I’m thinking blue roses with a different type of yellow flower would be nice. Maybe the pansies as they’re nice and bright. If anyone has any suggestions, I’ll make a little garden and show it on here.

Pocket Camp has some fun autumn furniture I’m looking forward to placing around my camp. I’m especially looking forward to that autumn maple tree. I’ll post some pics of my revamped camp in my next Animal Crossing diary.

I’d love it if they did a fall gardening event with mums – red, orange, and purple would be awesome! However, I imagine October’s gardening event will be a spooky themed one. Maybe next year! Alternatively, I’d love a gardening event in which we got to grow pumpkins!

That’s all for this little update, 201 days until New Horizons! About to break that 200 mark!

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