Animal Crossing Diaries #7

It’s fireworks time in Animal Crossing! Last Sunday was the second fireworks night in New Leaf, and a new fireworks event has started in Pocket Camp.

I added a couple custom designs that I already had, but I like the regular fireworks better.

I think it would be real neat if New Horizons came with a custom fireworks feature that’s separate from clothing designs. I’d love to create some fireworks that look more like real fireworks.

The two custom ones are just my rainbow brick and blue brick road designs.

I love the heart fireworks – it would be fun to design fireworks like this.

Even if it was just presets or something and I could change the colors or shapes.

I’m hoping these fireworks from Pocket Camp show up in New Horizons as well. They’re all real cute.

Not too much has been going on in my town since my last post. I’ve still got 2 and a half weeks before I can catch any new bugs or fish. Redd showed up today, but he didn’t have anything new for me. I might go work a shift at Brewster’s later to give myself some good luck for this barista job I just interviewed for.

I can’t believe it’s already been 2 months since we got the New Horizons trailer. I hope we get another trailer soon! 219 more days!

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