Pokémon Shiny Hunting

I’ve found my pokémon let’s go eevee cartridge and now I’m back to shiny hunting! At the moment, I have no plans to complete a shiny dex, I just want to catch some of my faves – and I don’t know if I have the patience for legendary shinies. I do have a shiny articuno in pokémon go though.

I’m currently looking for shiny eevees. I want to transfer enough to pokémon sword/shield so that I can have all the shiny eeveelutions. I’ve caught 2 since I started, and I passed up on a shiny psyduck so I wouldn’t break my catch combo. One of them is now a shiny jolteon! Too bad I can’t get my favorite shiny eeveelution in this game…

Speaking of shinies, pokémon go’s ralts community day was yesterday and I managed to catch 5 shiny ralts! I am open to doing shiny giveaways when I have extras, but I don’t have a following at this point. Also pokémon go giveaways would be more difficult than let’s go giveaways.

I’m hoping I can give some away around the time sword/shield releases, which by the way, is in 103 days.

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