Animal Crossing Diaries #5

I’ve finally done it…I caught the saddled bichir! I was starting to think I’d never catch it.

I’m also working on completing my art collection and I’ve just acquired the serene painting. Now I’ve just got 6 pieces left – basic, moving, scary, neutral, wild, and mystic.

Now that it’s August, here are the new things I can catch: petaltail dragonfly, house centipede, and turban shell. Most of the ones I don’t have appear in the late fall/winter, so I’ll have a lot more come November.

I got my first white carnation, so now I have all the hybrid flowers.

One other thing I’m doing is letting the weeds in my town build up so I can get the flower set furniture – especially the hydrangea bed.

Katrina has arrived in pocket camp! And I’ve already had my fortune told…I think she was a little too on the nose.

I really enjoy playing pocket camp, but even I get tired of all the leaf ticket items. I’ve been wanting a lot of the camp backgrounds, but whenever I have a good amount of leaf tickets saved up, some other limited time leaf ticket item comes out, and I wasn’t gonna pass up on Katrina.

Another flower event has started, and I’m loving all the furniture that’s coming with it. I know a lot of people don’t love the flower events, but I enjoy getting all new flowers.

Well, it’s time to get bug catching!

232 days until New Horizons!

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Diaries #5

  1. I’ve been so excited for Katrina!! I got items from the wedding set, so I’m saving up for her now. Garden events are my favorite, it feels the most interactive with people even though sometimes you just dump/get dumped the wrong creatures, but farming for seeds is fun!

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