Animal Crossing Diaries #4

Some updates from the last time I posted:

I caught the horseshoe crab! And it only took me about 5 minutes. Unfortunately the saddled bichir continues to evade me.

I also managed to get more red hibiscus shrubs! I had totally forgotten that I could get different items on the online Tortimer Island, and once I remembered, it only took 2 visits to find the red hibiscus.

I finished another color themed garden. It’s a campfire border garden, which I think gives it a nice Autumn look.

I realized I forgot to mention one of my other goals for this town – to make it an all horse villager town. This one might not happen and I’m thinking about doing it for my New Horizons town…but I’m gonna try anyway. I currently have Ed and Victoria. Unfortunately, Winnie moved out before I picked up this game again last month.

It’ll probably be easier to get all the horse villagers when New Horizons comes out, as I’ll have friends playing whose islands I can go visit. I’d at least like to get Winnie back and get Savannah to show up – I think those 2 are my favorites. I wonder if any new ones will show up in New Horizons.

Looking forward to New Horizons! 240 days left!

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Diaries #4

      1. I thought they were around 20$ but I just checked the prices and it’s wayyy more expensive than I last remember D:

        Regardless, I have a lot of extra amiibo cards and I know Savannah is one of them(and a few other horses), if you have a PO box or something I can always hold her for you when New Horizons comes out! I plan on doing giveaways and stuff then but I have names written down for “reserved” cards lol

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