Stained Glass Zelda

The varying art styles are one of my favorite features of The Legend of Zelda series. But one thing several of the games have in common is the beautiful stained glass art.

Many people think of the gorgeous stained glass art in Wind Waker, but it actually shows up in many of the games, from the vibrant 2D Minish Cap to the darker 3D Twilight Princess. It’s often featured in important areas like Hyrule Castle or a sanctuary.

So here’s a little photo gallery of Zelda stained glass:

First up…A Link to the Past!
Ocarina of Time has some really beautiful stained glass in Ganon’s Castle
The colorful Minish Cap!
There’s some stained glass peaking out in the background of Niko’s Picture Show in Phantom Hourglass

The stained glass in Wind Waker is iconic

Stained glass is more of a standard fixture in Skyward Sword
Twilight Princess!
There’s even stained glass in Mario Kart’s Hyrule Castle

I love stained glass and I wish I could create it myself. I’m really hoping we’ll get to see some in Botw2!

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