Animal Crossing New Horizons Wish List

Prior to E3, my biggest wish for the next Animal Crossing game was for it to have greater town customization ability. Essentially, it would be a design your own town game expanding beyond your mayoral capabilities in New Leaf. And this is exactly what we’re getting, although I don’t think we’re gonna get a draw your own river on the map feature that I thought we might (although who knows?).

Anyway, speculation and wishing are fun, so here are a few things I hope to see in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

  • Crafting with Shells – We already know about the crafting mechanic, taken and improved from the Pocket Camp app and which I am already obsessed with. And we got a brief glimpse of some of the crafting possibilities (oh boy, am I looking forward to flower crowns). But how cool would crafting with shells be? You could make a shell picture frame. A necklace. A coral crown! There’s already shell furniture, so I think shell crafting is a good possibility.
  • More Flowers – Gardening is one of my favorite features in Animal Crossing. Which is why I’m hoping for more flower varieties. Pocket Camp has already created tons more flowers that they could put on the switch. I’m partial to the blue lilies they included, which could easily be tweaked to create a silent princess flower – a nice Zelda easter egg. I also just really like blue flowers, so more of those would be great along with a possible return of blue cosmos.
Look at those blue lilies. Perfection.
  • Amiibo villagers hold the amiibo – I would love some of the amiibo exclusive villagers – Epona, Wolf Link – in my game. I would not love to have to buy them. I don’t care if they’re harder to get than other villagers, I just don’t want them stuck behind a paywall.
  • Campfire activities – You can build a bonfire – why not have a little fun roasting marshmallows with some villagers. It would be nice to see little things like this where all the villagers come together to hang out – maybe they’ll tell ghost stories. In New Leaf, you could play mini games like tag with your villagers. Perhaps they could include a “gather these ingredients” mini game where you collect things around the island to cook at the campfire.
New Horizons Island Map
  • Another location beyond the map – If you’ve watched the New Horizons trailer, you know about the airplane that takes you to your island, as well as likely takes you to other people’s towns in multiplayer. But we often have other areas like Tortimer’s Island in New Leaf or the city in City Folk which we can travel to. Where could the airplane take us? I don’t know. But it seems like it should be able to take us very far away.

I’m looking forward to March 2020, where all my Animal Crossing dreams can come true.

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