Things I want to See in Botw 2

I absolutely loved playing Breath of the Wild. I literally cried when they showed the sequel teaser trailer at E3. And I’m ready to see more of what I loved from the game along with some new content. Here a just a few things I’d love to see in the new game.

  • More Riju and Sidon – I loved them in Breath of the Wild, and I hope to see more interaction with them in the sequel. Teba and Yunobo would be cool as well, but they just weren’t as memorable to me. Although perhaps this is an good opportunity to expand on there roles. It might be cool if they came along with you on a dungeon expedition a la Medli and Makar in Wind Waker – those are two of my favorite dungeons. However if Zelda is a constant companion, that might be a little harder to pull of. No matter what, I’d be happy to see all of them again.
  • More long side quests – I think we can all agree that Tarrey Town was a fun quest. And that if we’re revisiting the same Hyrule, it needs to have some areas expanded. Plenty of towns could use some rebuilding and I’d love a side quest where Link and Zelda get to help out with one. It would also be neat to help rebuild Lon Lon Ranch and get Epona as a reward – I hated that you needed an amiibo to get her in Breath of the Wild.
  • Diving – I was surprised there was no diving in Breath of the Wild. It seemed like a perfect game for it. Sunken treasure chests? Underwater caving? Extra collectibles? A dungeon that’s partially underwater but doesn’t way overuse this feature? Sounds good to me.
  • Silent princess flowers EVERYWHERE – Ya know, how they start growing at the end of Botw? I want to see FIELDS of these things. I want to pick them and make flower crowns for Link and Zelda to wear.
  • A playable Zelda – I know, this is the big one that everyone’s wondering about. It looks like she’s a companion, and I’d love to play as her throughout the game. I don’t want to pick one or the other to play as, I’d definitely still want to play as both. And I don’t want co-op to be the only way of playing as Zelda. Let us play as her when she can accomplish something that Link can’t. Don’t limit her as much as Spirit Tracks (I love Spirit Tracks but if we can play as Zelda I want more than that). Maybe they’ll get separated at some point and you’ll get to play both their adventures.
  • Story/character development that doesn’t rely on flashbacks – I wouldn’t mind some more flashbacks, but I want more of a sense of story in the sequel, and not one that Link’s already lived through. Link’s regained his memories and is moving forward, so I’m sure we’ll get this. Just don’t give us 15 minutes of exposition in one cutscene (sorry Skyward Sword, I love you, you’re one of my faves, but I can admit you’ve got some issues).
  • Some accordion lessons from Kass – I really enjoy the incorporation of instruments in the gameplay of the Zelda games. Some have been better than others. The concept of the harp in Skyward Sword was neat, but the execution was clunky and awkward. The instrument doesn’t need to be a main gameplay item – maybe just a side quest – but I think it would be fun. Music is one of the elements that got me into the series, and uh I’d love a duet with Ganondorf on the organ.

There are probably lots more things I want, but this is what I could think of for now. Anyone else have any fun ideas?

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