Animal Crossing Diaries

After watching the Animal Crossing: New Horizons trailer, I was itching to play some New Leaf to help fill the ninth month wait. It turns out I’ve got some unfinished business in my town of Hyrule. Apparently so do Zelda and Link…but another time, another place. I loaded up my town and FLOWERS EVERYWHERE. I left the perfect town ordinance on and things got a little out of hand. Basically every space a flower could grow in, one was growing. Now I’m cleaning up and trying to make things a bit more aesthetically pleasing. I’ve probably gotten rid of a couple hundred flowers already. Also I’m not really sure about my flower bush arrangements around town. Might do a total overhaul of the tree/bush setup in front of my house.

I’m especially proud of the rainbow brick pattern and the fountain placement

I have a few goals I want to accomplish to perfect this town before New Horizons comes out. Fix up the gardens, do a couple public works projects (I’d really like that flower arch), and complete my fish, bug, diving, and art collections. Unfortunately I don’t have much available that I haven’t already caught. The game came out in June, so almost everything I have to catch is a Fall/Winter/Spring bug or fish. In the past day I caught a freshwater goby, a char, a gar, and a tarantula, so I think the only other new things I can get right now are a koi and a saddled bichir. So I guess it’s time to work on the gardens. I’ll do a post sometime in the next week on my different color and flower themes with lots of pictures.

I’m getting rid of this fence…not sure if I’ll put something else here/nearby

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